About Marni


Marni Panas is a proud parent to two amazing boys.

Marni Panas is diversity and inclusion professional dedicated to creating safe and welcoming, and inclusive environments especially for the LGBTQ population in large public and private organizations, all levels of government and departments, health care, educational institutions, corrections and law enforcement.  She was part of the work that led to Gender Identity and Gender Expression being added as protected grounds from discrimination to Alberta’s Human Right’s Act and similar pending legislation to Canada’s Human Rights Act.  She was part of an expert panel that assisted in developing guidelines to support school boards in Alberta in creating policies that would provide safe and welcoming environments for LGBTQ students, families and staff.

Most recently Marni provided testimony to the Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs in support of Bill C-16 (And Act to amend Canada’s Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code of Canada).  The full video of her testimony can be viewed at:


Marni has brought her community engagement experience to Alberta’s health care system.  She has implemented initiatives and developed process intended to create environments where patients and their families are equal and active members of their care team.  As a patient engagement professional, she ensured the patient voice was included in decision making in operations, policy development and strategic planning.

Marni has recently received her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Administration and is currently working towards her Master Degree with a focus on Equity Studies.

Marni has been invited to share her experiences and expertise in community engagement, facilitation, Patient & Family Centred Care, bereavement and loss, and inclusive health and cultural safety for LGBTQ* patients and their families locally, nationally and internationally.  She is a regular lecturer at Edmonton’s universities.  She has consulted with the City of Edmonton, Edmonton Police Service, MacEwan University, local school boards, community services organizations, health care professional colleges and societies, corrections facilities, corporations, and other institutions on public engagement and development of inclusive spaces and services for our diverse population.  She often appears in local and national media discussing a variety of topics that affect the community in which she lives.  She appeared regularly as a member of the CTV Morning Live (Edmonton) political panel and currently appears as a member of the CityTV (Edmonton) Dinner Television parent panel.  Marni has also made appearances on CNN and The BBC.

As an engaged member of her community, Marni received the Human Rights award from the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights, nominated as an Edmonton YWCA Woman of Distinction and named a Camrose Composite High School Alumnus of Distinction for her commitment to creating a community where diversity is not only accepted, but celebrated.  A community that is safe for others to be their authentic selves.

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